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mpgtx for Macintosh

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Joined: 27 Dec 2006
Posts: 2,085

PostPosted: 16/07/2007 04:16:37    Post subject: mpgtx for Macintosh Reply with quote

mpgtx for Macintosh

mpgtx is a mpeg editor, its main page is a I ported it to Macintosh and added a GUI for OSX.

If you dont want read, but just download, klick here for the OSX-Version to download the latest release.

If you dont want read, but just download, klick here for the current Beta Version for OSX.

If you dont want read, but just download, klick here for the OS9/Classic Version to download the latest release (commandline UI).

Even If you dont like to read check the FAQ updated 10. Oct. 2002

2002-10-11 I made a new beta of mpgtx availible in the beta directory Its called mpgtx-14-beta-4.tar.gz. If you use mpgtx on mpeg2 files and have problems with vcdimager not liking your splits, I would recommend to try it out. The older version is now called "notrecommended". Also Users of EyeTV should now be able to split their files with this Version.
2002-09-01: I made a few fixes to the GUI + fixes in the mpgtx engine. Its not all complete and tested, but if you like to try it out go here.
2002-08-31: The Souce for mpgtx 1.3 is now at Souceforge.
2002-08-26:New Version! mpgtx V1.3 hopefully now splits, joins and demuxes most types of mpeg2 files. This is a major improvement!. Also (very) limited support for .VOB files is present.
2002-08-21:I got reports the installer wont open on particular systems. For a workaround click here.

Screenshot of the GUI

I also made a Version of mpgtx for MacOS9. It misses large File support, and a GUI, but includes all fixes to the code.

Old News and Old files:

2002-08-26:If you want to download the 1.2 Version its here.
2002-08-20:Installer for the mpgtx-engine now wants authentication. if you had problems installing the software, download again and retry.
2002-08-19:GUI Completed.
The mpgtx GUI now makes most of the features mpgtx availible to OSX Users. This includes split, join, demux, also operations can be done with several files.
2002-08-11:Todo plan for the next release:
- Add an Option to change the pixel Aspect ratio - done
- Increment Version number of mpgtx which is still 1.1 -done
- Implement the Join option in the GUI - done
- Add a job Queue or run multiple jobs concurrently - done (for splitting)
- Find the bug i introduced in the demux code - done
- Test the code on i386-Linux
- Upload to sourceforge

2002-08-09:I now made a small FAQ here which maybe useful understanding the way mpgtx works.

2002-08-08: A new slightly more complete version of the user interface, also the additional fixes regarding splitting files larger then 1gig are now included - see below.

There also is an alternative GUI for mpgtx availible at: comfortableliars home page. Since I mainly did my GUI-wrapper for learing cocoa and Objective C, it is made in Objective-C. Comfortableliars wrapper is made in Applescript studio. Try out both, use whichever you like. There is a small difference in the way the two wrappers use the binary of mpgtx. While mine uses the version installed in /usr/local/bin, Comfortableliars comes with its own, inside the package. To make shure you use one version of mpgtx, you must compare the files against each other - if thats important to you.
download mpgtx-1.2.1-bin.tar.gz which includes installation for the mpgtx CLI application and the wrapper for OSX.
Known bugs of this Version:
- Large/some mpegs will yield to an endless loop when demuxing
- small bug: if you use the -P option (keep-Header), the printout of what mpgsplit will do with the additional header is reversed, but mpgsplit will do the right thing.

2002-08-08: (outdated - this shoud be not problem any more) For anyone who still experiences problems with audio sync loss or stopping playback of splits, and has -some- knowledge of terminal commands:
Please download mpgtx-bin-debug.tar.gz. its the mpgtx CLI-engine only, install it into /usr/local/bin, then again split a file which proved to have a problem, compare to this version and give me feedback if the problem is gone now.
Here i again discovered a problem with the code and hopefully now fixed it completely. it prints out some information about what it is doing and is slower then the current version below, but reliability should be improved.
If I get enough feedback I will include it into the release. Please also try out the other function of mpgtx, since I changed some counters and pointers which previously were only 16Bit to 32Bit. I hope this does not introduce problems somewhere else!
Some feedback either positive or negative would be a big help, because I currently have only 2 other people besides me which are testing the program and report problems or success
Thank you!

2002-08-05 New Version, which includes fixes to the code, as also a user interface for OSX + new Options.
Download mpgtx-1.2-binary for OSX here.

I wont develop mpgtx for Classic further, my apologies, I dont have the Compiler tools for OS9, also I dont have the knowledge for making a OS9 GUI.
There are two versions, one for ppc, MacOS Classic: mpgtx-0.8b-0.6b.ppc.sit, and one for MacOSX: binary file and Source: Source tar.gz.

Note that the OS9 App is some whatold, but it does what I expect from it, so there currently is no need to update it to the 1.1 Version. The 1.1 Version is able to split and join files larger then 2GB. Both Apps are ported for Console. No nice GUI. If you dont like this, wait. Maybe I will make a wrapper app for MacOSX.

Special notes for the OS9 version:
I made some changes to the source, so that Macintosh Names are accepted. If you use it for splitting a file called "my special mpg.mpg" in the folder "nix" of Disk "Macintosh HD" you have to enter: mpgsplit -5 "Macintosh HD:nix:my special mpg.mpg". Also you are able to process up to 256 file if you put their names in a text file and then run mpgjoin @list.txt. But then no mac names are allowed. Also better put the app in the same folder as the files and only choose lower-case filenames.

Special notes for the OSX version:
It will be installed into /usr/local/bin as default. If you specify ranges like [-50M] or minutes, you must enclose the ranges in double quotes!.

An older file also here but outdated: mpgcut, a simple mpeg-cutter for macos9.
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PostPosted: 16/07/2007 04:16:37    Post subject: Publicité

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Joined: 27 Dec 2006
Posts: 2,085

PostPosted: 16/07/2007 04:18:24    Post subject: mpgtx for Macintosh - FAQ Reply with quote

mpgtx for Macintosh - FAQ

mpgtx faq

Q: I tried to split a file using the ranges option. mpgtx wont split and always will print "results in an empty chunk".
A: Check if you really wrote {650M}. Without the M the value will be possibly read as Byte and not as Megabyte.

Q: I have an elgato EyeTV. mpgtx has problems with the files made by this hardware. Splits wont playback in Quicktime, small segments play only from several seconds from the start.
A: Check The Beta Version of mpgtx 1.4, It should work better. Also its strongly recommended before making splits with any software, use the elgato supplied software and export the clips to "VCD" or "Quicktime". If you dont, the mpeg will have no valid system header, which will make the handling of mpegs by any mpeg splitting software troublesome.

Q: I try to install the Package which comes with mpgtx from this homepage, but the installer wont ask me to authenticate, nothing will happen. What can i do to install the Software?
A: Goto mpgtx-tgz, carefully read the instructions there, download the appropriate version and install. I currently dont know what the problem is, but it looks like only people running OSX prior to 10.2 are the Victims. I guess the package-maker of the 10.2 Developer tools is not 100% compatible to earlier versions of the OS.

Q: How do I make a VCD out of chunks I splitted with mpgtx ?
A: First, try to use the -P option on the split, then try burn with Toasts Video-CD option. If that does not work, convert the chunks with vcdgear -mpg2mpg -toast option, then try again to burn with Toast. One of these methods should be successfull if you mpeg is really VCD-Compatible. If mpeginfo of a mpeg looks like this, its likely it is:
Mpeg 1 System File [Video/Audio]
Muxrate : 1.41 Mbps
Estimated Duration: 03:03.34s
Size [352 x 288] 25.00 fps 1.15 Mbps
Audio : Mpeg 1 layer 2
224 kbps 44100 Hz
Stereo, No emphasis

The above example is an output of a PAL muxed mpeg-1. NTSC will show identical values exept the framerate will be about 29 fps.
If the file is not VCD compatible. you must reencode it with some other tools.

Q: What mpeg-2 formats are supported by mpgtx ?
A: Currently mpeg-2 support is limited to an mpeg-2 video stream + one mp2 audio stream. Ac3 is not supported. Demuxing an unencrypted VOB is possible, but will produce unexpected results. Future versions maybe will not have this problem.

Q: I dont understand the various options like "[-500M]" or "{300M}" or they dont work as expected !
A: If you use the OSX commandline version of mpgtx, make shure you include ranges in double quotes! It seems the shell wont pass them correctly to mpgtx as arguments if not included in the double quotes. You dont need the quotes in the GUI for OSX!
"[]" explained:
A range of "[10M-20M]" will cut out one piece between the two locations.
A range of "]10M-20M[" will cut out one piece between the two locations but will omit the GOPs at 10M and 20M, "[10M-20M[" or "]10M-20M]" are also valid options.
"[-10M]" will simply cut out the start until 10M, "[10M-]" will give you all from 10M to the end of the file.
You are able to use more then 1 "[]" argument for a split: mpgsplit xyz.mpg "[-10M]" "[20M-]" will give you the first 10 and the last 10M of the mpeg. Important Note: In the MacOSX GUI App, you must use a "," as a delimiter between two ranges!
"{}" explained:
"{10M}" will give you 2 parts, one from the beginning to 10M and the rest. If you use a split command like {10M-20M-30M} on a 40M file, you get 4 about 10M size splits.
Important: if you use values like {"00:00:20.10"} mpgtx will split by hours, minutes, seconds, pictures. So if you want to cut of the first 2 seconds of a mpeg the command would be: mpgsplit xyz.mpg "[00:00:02-]". Pictures are numbered from 1 to 60 so they are about 1/60 second. Most times it is not neccessary to specify pictures.

You got it now ? I hope!

Q: mpgtx works fine, but where is the source code ?
A: I will put the source code on the souceforge-site, as soon as the GUI is finished. Also I have to check if it still compiles and works under i386 Linux as before. please wait. note: as of 30 August 2002, the source is now availible at sourceforge!

Q: I try to split several files with mixed kinds, some of them are .mp2 other are .mpg. mpgtx will split some, then it complains about empty chunks and aborts or it will silently process futher without generating output.
A: Looks like its currently not possible to split mixed kind of files in one session with mpgtx. I try to fix this with the next release. As a workaround for now, you should not mix audio and video-files together in the List and do them seperately. This is not a bug of the GUI.

Q: I want to split a muxed mpeg2. mpgtx splits, but the resulting second and further chunks are not playable or are only just plain black.

A:If you got mpgtx Version 1.2 Splitting muxed mpeg2 will most times not work good. Download a newer Version from here. Since 1.3 mpeg2 support is much improved. If this does not help, you could try to first demux the mpeg2 in a .m2v and a .mp2 file. Then split these. Afterwards to get a playable quicktime-movie, convert the .mp2 with madplay to aiff. Then open the Audio in quicktime, select all, copy. Then open video in quicktime, in the edit menu select "add scaled" (needs quicktime pro). You then are able to process the movie with quicktime-tools.

Q: Why is mpgtx needed for splitting or joining mpeg-files anyway, I am able to split or join a mpeg files with rosetta or even zipit?
A: This is not true. If you split a mpeg into chunks by just cutting the file, the original timestamps are still present. Some DVD-Players, Video-Players for PC and Quicktime will refuse to play the Movie correct. Even a very nice player like Videolan will have problems if you try to play a mpeg which is incorrectly joined.

Q: I want to join several mpeg-files, but mpgtx tells me "Specified files are not compatible, if you still want to join them use --force switch".
A: Its most likely, the mpeg files you want to join, have not the same properties. In case of audio files, try to reencode them with the same compression algorithm (mp2, mp3).In case of Video Files, demux the files, then reencode them and mux with the same mux-rate.

If you have any suggestions what should be covered here mailto [EMAIL="mpgfaq at"]mpgfaq at[/EMAIL]
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PostPosted: 12/12/2018 01:25:33    Post subject: mpgtx for Macintosh

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